Ragged and ruffled, this town

stinks so desperate.  Historical

wealth overgrown with high-rises.

China so delicate, forgotten

by gamblers.  Welfare town now.

No need for our moniker unless

reference to high times.


Promotes Modern England, demonstrates

to the world.  Oh!  How we live

in the Past, blind to the Now,

too stoned to move forward,

too lazy for logic.


So!  Wallow about, eyes on cracked 

concrete, ignore out canal of grime

as it snakes and slithers through town;

leaves insects to infest our overgrown

lawns.  We mow over weeds,

pretend it’s a fix.

Half-a-job town in a half-a-job country.

Copyright © 2016 Hannah Edge. All rights reserved.


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