Caus-Tic (Part II)

Stashed down deep

in the bowels of my mind

memories ooze,






disturb this sunny day


And so it starts again,

this daily chore of pretence

as i leap and bound and cad:

A puppet show of joy


Yet closer still i sense a fissure

spreading through my soul


Its dam will burst.  A tsunami


my smile.


The strings will sag

as on bended knees

I crumble,


completely spent.

*** ***

Copyright © 2017 Hannah Edge. All rights reserved.


Look to your right

Such freedom given




A century of progression

crammed into a decade


Unprepared, evolution

takes longer

so no surprise

when the fascist volcano




Spewing white-hot Racist

Homophobic lava

Acidic Ignorance falls

On our liberal cheek.


Copyright © 2016 Hannah Edge. All rights reserved.


Crossed Wires

Intonations hard pressed
to understand,
realise, compromise
when we deny
emotions in a voice
Of the words that tumble forth
comments unthought, unplanned
We misunderstand
our fellow man
Slash across the chest
words said in jest
Sting of a thousand bees
Bullet to the kneecaps
banter for the masses
Carrion birds on a living calf
What people say
What people mean
What people hear
What people feel
Copyright © 2016 Hannah Edge. All rights reserved.



From sitting still

and waiting



waiting for a task,

an errand to cure this tedium.


As seconds drip like hours,

dream of staying in bed,

living on forty quid a week


but then numbness

Jeremy Kyle related


set in.

Copyright © 2016 Hannah Edge.  All rights reserved.


Customer Service

Control of this situation

is not in my hands sir.

I believe you need to take

a left up that corridor

and get fucked.


Ah, you have a problem?

You can’t log into your account?

Well I never sir, just bear with me,

I need a large box of tissues –

your tale is weep-worthy.


You can call me all the names

under the sun sir,

and any you find under that rock

you crawled from too.


Yes sir, I do love my job –

As much as you enjoy

a kick in the balls

and account closure.


Copyright © 2016 Hannah Edge.  All rights reserved.