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Observeandmuse Podcast Episode 1

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If i come to you for advice

will you just

hold me

in an ethereal embrace?

Will you prop me up

and whisper

pure encouragement?

*** ***

Your lack of negative judgement

Your heart on your sleeve

Your love of my smile

My love of your love

My love of you

*** ***

You said goodbye too soon

You said goodbye as my brain

turned tail; as my mind

refused logic and clung to fear.

You said hasta luego mi niña

*** ***

Pero te necesito AHORA.

*** ***

Copyright © 2018 Hannah Edge. All rights reserved.


This poem merits an addendum!

Firstly, this is a prayer to my nana, the most wonderful and kind hearted person I ever met. She passed away on the 14th January 1997, in San Pedro de Alcantara, Spain.

Please though, feel free to akin this prayer to Whoever this makes you think of – my nana would insist!

Secondly, translations:

Vuelve – Come Back

Hasta luego – see you later / until then

Mi niña – my child (feminine pronoun)

Pero te necesito ahora – but I need you now


Jack of All Moods

A broken rollercoaster

at the Freak Show Carnival

*** ***

Sing a song of tu’pence,

here’s six-pence change

*** ***

Don your Pennywise mask

and crash into my Dodgem

*** ***

Hall of mirrors warps my soul,

my perception screams for more

*** ***

Bearded lady reads my un-fortune

of happiness and health.

*** ***

Copyright © 2018 Hannah Edge. All rights reserved.

Image: Copyright © WarnerBros.



Cock your head,

view it sideways

Now it makes sense

*** ***


*** ***

If the world is round

and ever moving

Straight is never an option

*** ***

Mother Nature

not Terry Pratchett;

It’s called Earth, not Discworld

*** ***

These linear paths deceive

as they curve,

but you act so surprised

while you curl up to cry

at the injustice and heartbreak

*** ***


*** ***

This is not what you asked for

It’s not what you dreamed

Hellish flames scald your essence

and devour your soul

For the path had a turn

despite what you yearn

Life is out of control

it’s turbulent. Defunct

*** ***

Copyright © 2018 Hannah Edge. All rights reserved.