Does Insanity Cause Creativity

Or does creativity cause insanity?
Our wandering


lusts for gems,

jewels, poetic gold-dust.


We crawl through the tunnels,

the warrens, the burrows;

smothered and swallowed

by horrors a-plenty.

Drowing in visions

of murder and rape,

Swimming against currents

frothing with blood;

engulfed in a hurricane

of tears from all victims.


Cannot contain, cannot ignore.

Our knees buckle, we crumble

until we dare hold our pen.

*** ***

Copyright © 2017 Hannah Edge. All rights reserved.


Caus-Tic (Part III)

Do not look back

to wallow and writhe

like a half dead serpent.

Look back and bask

in the pain of learning


the hard, cruel life lessons

that daddy deemed you worthy


Let the serotonin flow,

do not be ashamed;

your strength stopped

you drowning

and made you who you are.

*** ***

Copyright © 2017 Hannah Edge. All rights reserved.